Welcome to Braswell and the many solutions we have to offer. Water quality creates many problems that are both costly and frustrating. With hard water, water using appliances and equipment work harder and less effciently. Your appliances and equipment use more chemicals and detergents with less results. Not counting the wear and tear that leads to a shorter life of most appliances and equipment.

Braswell is the clear answer. Our water treatment equipment is perfect for use with either well water or municipal water systems. Braswell systems eliminate hard-water leakage, improve soft-water quality, conserve water, and are more economical to operate. Both our single and multi tank systems use a fully saturated cleaning agent that more effectively removes heavy metals, iron and hardness.

We are truly a fluid system of success. The Braswell valve delivers flow rates of up to 25 gallons per minute per tank. Constructed with only one moving internal part, this valve performs dependably year after year.

Braswell’s precise, high-performance electronic controllers are easy to program, maximizing the efficiency of both single and multi-tank systems. The combination of this product design and high quality construction makes Braswell an extremely budget friendly investment. This is why you should make the right call and discover the many benefits Braswell has to offer. For the nearest distributor, call or email us.

Braswell is located in Jackson, Missouri but we distribute and operate many other places. We provide quality equipment for many uses at home or work. We have combined sophisticated water technology with years of practical experience to enable us to handle the most complex water problems.