Braswell continues to be an innovative leader in the design and developement of water treatment equipment.  A simple, yet effective approach to technology is evident in the efficient operation of the Braswell system.


Softening the effects of hard water with Braswell!

The effects of hard water can be harmful to you and your family's way of life.

And the problems are as costly as they are frustrating and distasteful.  With
hard water, your water-using appliances work harder and less efficiently.

Your clothes rarely seem to be as soft as they should be, even though you're
using more detergent. And your dishes never quite seem to look or feel "squeaky clean."

Unfortunately, many homeowners live with the problems of hard water, day after day, because they don't know there are affordable and effective options.

Its been a dilemma until now...

The answer is crystal clear!!!!!!    "Braswell"

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