Braswell continues to be an innovative leader in the design and developement of water treatment equipment.  A simple, yet effective approach to technology is evident in the efficient operation of the Braswell system.


Braswell Commercial Water Softeners  

     Companies in today's competitive business
     world need every possible resource to
     succeed.  Unfortunately, when it comes to
     one of the most basic resources of all-high
     quality water-many businesses are inade-
     quately equipped to meet their needs. 

     An inflexible water system that can't provide
     soft water on demand is more than an
     inconvenience its a drain on your company's
     productivity as well.

     There is a simple, cost effective solution:
     a Braswell Commericial System efficiently
     delivers as much soft water as you need,
     24 hours a day.  Quite possibly, its one of
     the best business investments you'll ever

The Clear choice for your business

As effective as they are easy to install and maintain, Braswell systems are a model of efficiency.  These systems use
counter-current regeneration to eliminate hard-water leakage, improve soft-water quality, conserve water, and reduce
operating costs.

Further adding to bottem-line efficiency, Braswell systems use saturated brine to remove heavy metals, iron and
hardness- a solution that is much more effective than diluted agents.  In fact during regeneration, Braswell systems
use as little as one third as much salt and half as much water as other commercial systems.

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